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Welcome to the 3-day Creativity Wake-up Call!


Thank you for answering the call to wake up to the gift of creative expression. The course is designed to be done when you first wake up and you decide what time that is. Get ready to reclaim the joy that comes with making art. The simple processes in this course infuse your day with intention and awareness and add a new option to your morning menu. You can work with the materials you have on hand at your kitchen table, your bedroom, or wherever you feel comfortable and have a surface to work on.


  • Something to create with: You can choose crayons, markers, gel pens, pastels, colored pencils, and watercolors. (You will need brushes if you are using watercolors.) I am using markers and a watercolor set.   

  •  Something to create on: Any type of paper or art journal you have or choose to get. You can even use copy paper from your printer. I am using a 5.5.x8 art journal with 98lb paper for this course.

  •  Something to make it stick: A glue stick, Elmer’s glue, or any type of adhesive you have or like to use. An Uhu glue stick works great.

Setting Our Intention

Inspired by one of my teachers, Lopon Chandra Easton, this short mindfulness exercise brings us into the present moment and the spirit of awakening that centers our creative practice. We approach our activity today by generating the motivation to be of benefit to ourselves and others. Feel free to listen, watch and participate in the way that is best for you.

Here is a link to a YouTube video of Lopon Chandra’s teaching that inspired this intention:

Let's Soul Scribble 


Go within and connect with your inner wisdom in a simple creative process to ask that knowing part of yourself:

“What do I need to know for my highest good and well-being? The way to do this is a simple process called a soul scribble that gets out of the thinking mind to connect to the place within that already has all the answers you need to know.

All you do is a quick "scribble/swoosh" with your pen, pencil, or marker, and then see what comes to mind.

That first mark you make on the paper should take about 3-5 seconds.

Put your maker on the paper, close your eyes, and 1-2-3, LIFT your pen or pencil.

Open your eyes. What do you see? You can turn the paper around and look at it from all sides.

What is the one symbol, color, word, or message you will take with you throughout the day?

You may want to journal about it, wear the color that stands out for you and bring the message into your day.

Let's Paint


What was different about your day after the soul scribble?

How did you work with the message from your soul scribble?

What symbols, images, and colors did you notice?

And did you experience times during the day when you felt challenged or resistance came up? What was happening?

The message from my soul scribble that resonated the most was the infinite supply of self-love and self-compassion. That when I am gentle with myself I connect more easily to the expansiveness of my infinite self and trust in an infinite supply of well-being and resources to support me as I build CreatiVcynergy.

I also noticed the times I moved into the space of “I am not enough” There isn’t enough:

So, I pulled an oracle card for clarity especially when I felt “not enough”. Oracle cards are tools for self-reflection that provide guidance and perspective on our experiences. They can help open your awareness and strengthen your connection to your intuition. I think that oracle cards also help clarify gut feelings that we haven’t found the words for,

I pulled the butterfly card, which is about transformation. What gets in the way of trusting this process? And what is the shadow side of transformation? DOUBT.

So, for me, the message is all about trust. Trust in the process, and allow trust to help me stay open and gentle with myself and all beings,

I release doubt and embrace trust.

So, I am going to a butterfly to my card as the symbol for releasing doubt and embracing trust.? What might you release?

What are you going to add? You can add colors, shapes, words, and symbols that have meaning for you.

Create Your Oracle Card


Create your personal oracle card with a message you can return to at any time by integrating the Inner Wisdom represented by the symbols, colors, words, and shapes on your drawing.

You may want to pause the video and take a picture of your artwork before it transforms completely. Cut up your drawing and on another sheet of paper use the pieces to create a mosaic or collage with the word you choose to represent the integration of the wisdom received through this process. If there isn’t a word right now take a moment, pause the video, and sit with the piece you created. What do you notice and connect with? What symbols, colors,and shapes do you notice? What word comes through to represent what you want to carry forward? Take a moment and reflect on the word that integrates this process for you.

Thank you for answering the Creativity Wake-up Call. keep it going, and wake-up and create! I didn't know that the Universes created a light portal above my head during the last portion of the video until I watched it. How cool is that? TRUST!

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