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Do you answer yes to any of these questions?

Are your days are filled up with taking care of other people's needs?

Do you feel disconnected from what your heart truly desires?

Would you like to feel more connected to your inner wisdom and guidance?

Then the Alchemy Art Circle is for you! We created this community to connect with like-minded people and to set aside time to connect inwardly and tune into our inner wisdom and guidance. When you create art as a spiritual practice in the Alchemy Art Circle you:

  • gain awareness of your inner world

  • receive clarity on what your heart truly desires

  • feel deeply connected to your inner wisdom and guidance

  • deepen your relationship with the Divine

  • become part of a community of supportive people who are on the journey with you!

Want to get a feel for the creative practices in the Alchemy Art Circle?

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Here's what you'll receive in the
Inner Wisdom Art Practice bundle:

The Creativity Wake-up Call

Wake-up to your creativity with a daily dose of artistic self-care and feel the joy that comes by starting your day with art. Through this guided 3-day practice, you will infuse your days with intention and awareness and create an oracle card.

Planting Your Kotodama

Kotodama is a Japanese word which means "the soul of words" or "the spirit of language." In Japan, it is believes that the words are alive. So as soon as you say or think the words, they become a part of your reality. In this 3-part video series, you will create a painting to plant your kotodama and manifest it in your life.


Creating the Shift

This 3-part personal painting practice will  guide you in processing your emotions and expressing them on your canvas. Shift out

of fear and receive a sacred symbol that has the message you need to realign with your true Self as unconditional Love.

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